About Ezra Beyman

As Chairman, Ezra Beyman is the central force leading the success and growth of Reliance.

Drawing on his nearly three decades of entrepreneurial experience in real estate and ten years in insurance, Mr. Beyman has set his vision and acuity on one integrated goal: integrity and success.  His current portfolio of commercial and residential properties comprise of 93 apartment complexes and approximately 9,500 units, as well as several insurance companies.

Ezra Beyman’ss entrepreneurial career features a humble yet profitable beginning. In 1985, he founded a small mortgage brokerage, together with his wife, that he operated in his basement. From there, his company rapidly grew into a dynamic force on the market. By 2008, he owned the third largest licensed mortgage brokerage in America, having acquired numerous mortgage companies in the interim. He also expanded to real estate acquisition, having grown his portfolio to over three billion dollars.

Ezra Beyman maintains several affiliated businesses in the real estate and financial industries. For many years, he served as President of Empire Equity Group, Inc., a business he co-founded in the 1980s. Since 2006, Ezra also has co-owned Empire American Holdings, LLC, in Montvale, New Jersey. As its Chairman and President, Ezra directs all aspects of the real estate enterprise and oversees a portfolio of commercial buildings and residential properties in 10 states. Under his leadership, Empire American Holdings has grown into one of the nation’s largest privately held property owners.

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